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What is a gun podcast on Spotify that you need to listen to?


We’re going bold here: We’re going out on a limb here. But we feel pretty confident that the answer is Us. It’s Us. We’re the gun podcast on Spotify that you need to be listening to.

Bear with us: we know how self-serving it feels to hear about “how good a Spotify podcast is”, from the company that produces it. But we think we may be able to convince you that we are the go-to gun podcast on Spotify in 2022 and beyond. Let’s explore.

If we’ve been super effective at convincing you to give us a try: check out our podcast here:


Otherwise, please read on.

OK, so are we just showcasing our Nepotism or are there legitimate reasons why we think we are the top gun podcast on Spotify, after only a few episodes?

Reason #1: Why we are a top Gun Podcast on Spotify after only a couple episodes  

We’re in too deep to stop. We’ve been talking about guns for other companies for 20+ years online. We know how the business operates on every level. We are a small team of experts with a ton of experience on our hands, and we are too willing to inflict pain on ourselves to stop recording episodes. We can only hope that our raw, unfiltered and no-edits runs of audio that make up each podcast don’t inflict much pain on you. 

We talk about the gun industry in a way that no other podcasts are talking about the gun industry. We talk a bit about every category on the show. But we mostly just focus on the industry. We talk about practical things, not just gun reviews. Not just interviews with ex special forces operators, though they have our undying respect for their service and our undying envy for their skills and capabilities. We don’t just talk about gun culture or shooting at the range or reloading. We don’t just talk about politics. 

But we DO talk about things no other gun podcast on Spotify or any other platform is talking about: the business of the gun business. And we do things in an almost Viking kind of way (That’s a compliment) – we go REAL DEEP. Musket balls deep. So deep you may need to take a break to process all the information you’re getting. Sure you’re going to be an expert on some of the topics already, but at some point you’re going to hear a topic on our gun podcast that is going to make you into an expert in your social group. That’s the type of gun podcast we want to be and are striving to produce every single episode. 

Reason #2 our Gun Podcast on Spotify is a great option: we talk about marketing and the market, and buying stuff in the gun industry

We know how to help you understand the industry better. Because we are consultants to industry leaders in the space. We consult the companies you buy from. On digital marketing. On content creation. On how to get lead generation. On how to run a gun company. We are THE gun industry marketing podcast. We are also a digital agency that does SEO for gun companies, gun websites, and other digital and offline marketing services for companies in the firearms arena, and other affiliated industries. 

We teach the industry management teams how to build gun businesses. We write over 12 million words a year on average for just the firearms industry. We have more than 5 dozen active gun industry companies that you will know by name, as clients for our digital marketing services.

We do this for a living, and we have very few natural competitors. None of our competitors are doing a podcast about this type of work in the gun industry.

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Reason #3 that we are a great gun podcast on spotify: we don’t add any fluff

Sure, this is a marketing exercise and we advertise a bit on the podcast, but we don’t just talk to be talking. We try to have well formed, relevant content that makes the listener think. A lot of the podcasts that use the banner of the gun industry are just talking about tangentially related things to the gun industry, or have seemingly exhausted the limits of their expertise. A lot of new content is boring and esoteric, and doesn’t really talk about guns. A lot of gun podcasts just talk about gun culture. Which we think is uninformative and not interesting. 

As a disclaimer: we take a single take for each podcast. We record straight through. It’s less “polished” and less edited by a significant amount. We just talk. Sometimes it’s a single person talking. We recognize that WE are a boring podcast to some because our format is very straightforward and simple. But, we offer a unique set of insights that we are positive are not available on the market for podcasts about the gun industry. 

Nevertheless, if you can handle listening to the voices on the podcast, we feel that we offer a lot of bang for the buck. Even if we do it for free.

Reason #4 to listen to our Spotify gun podcast: it’s as real as it gets. 

We talk about real world things. We don’t script it. We don’t have a team of writers polishing and editing and mainstreaming our content. We just talk about a subject. Sometimes we reference articles that are in top 10 positions in google (usually if we reference an article we wrote, it’s a top 3 SERP) that we authored. 

We might make a simple stutter or say a word wrong, but we are not produced to the point that you cannot even tell whether we are experts or not. You will hear what we say and know from the flow and pace, and in-depth exploration of topics that we are legitimate professionals. 

We don’t fake anything. We don’t act like we do cool things. We just talk about guns, and other affiliated ideas and topics off-the-cuff, and with a realistic baseline of knowledge. We are also experts for more than 30 years in the industry, not just a few months ahead of the listeners to our podcast.

Gun Podcast on Spotify: what was our original goal?


We hadn’t heard any interesting content for a while on gun industry podcasts. Most of the good stuff is politically charged, which aside from the absolute need to protect the Second Amendment, starts to sound like background noise and just whips up anger most of the time. We see a bunch of non-experts acting like they are actual experts, and while they may be entertaining, many of the podcasts are not beneficial because there aren’t any insights that a normal consumer cannot already extrapolate. 

We aren’t trying to act high on the horse, or like we are better than anyone, we just know our depth of experience and our saturation in the industry, and our clientele, and our knowledge levels give actual value for consumers and hardcore users. 

We saw this area of expertise was not being filled, and while we like to talk politics occasionally, we know that is a saturated niche within the community. 

We seek to give insights on gear, guns, usage, practical implementation, and industry specific topics. We want to cater to the hunting audience, without just being a general hunting podcast. We want to cater to the gun industry employees, without being too saturated with generic content. We want to offer our insights on why every gun isn’t actually a perfectly rated option – just because a manufacturer wants a good review. We maintain our unbiased approach. We also want to work with clients in the gun industry that value transparency, results and world class content. Are we confident? Yes, but we try to maintain a semi-humble attitude on this podcast and in our day-to-day operations. 

There are a lot of great gun podcasts on Spotify

We just think we deserve a shot to win you over because we are different and because we take it more seriously than most of the others in the game, especially the big budget, highly produced ones with major brand names behind them. They are so fluffy, uninteresting most of the time, and full of non-gun-specific content. 

Yes, it’s true we only have 2 episodes online at the time of this post, but we believe our content is sort of refreshing, as raw and straightforward as it is. 

We will still listen to some of the great gun law, or training, or political gun-industry or gun affiliated podcasts on Spotify (and beyond), but with what we have tried lately on the “big name”, well established gun podcasts, has not been that enjoyable. 

By the way, talking about guns simply to talk about guns seems boring and lazy to us. And there is a lot of that. Some of the focal points of many “gun podcasts” have very little to do with actual gun themes. If we want to listen to that type of content, there are better podcasts to get that content on. We hope you’ll check out an episode or two of our podcast – aptly named Gun Podcast, on Spotify (we started on Anchor, which is owned by Spotify because it closely aligns with our ideal service requirements).

Decide for yourself if we are worth listening to. 

Here are some notes about our episodes so that you can sell yourself OFF of Us before you waste any time, if the following concepts are annoying to you:

  • We are a long format gun podcast, generally – our shows are usually more than 45 minutes long and cover 1-2 topics at most 
  • We speak authoritatively, but may also speak to beginners, so if you want high level content all the time, you will have to pick and choose using our podcast descriptions and listening to a bit of the show to see if you get that technical content in that episode as much as you desire
  • We put about 3-4 small ads in our podcast, generally – they aren’t that long, and we try to find natural pauses to insert them many of those ads are for clients or partners, so they may not be mainstream recognizable names in the gun industry sometimes
  • We sometimes add affiliate products or services into our advertising platform on the podcast – so you may be asked to check out a product on our behalf – the choice is always yours, you decide what’s best for you to do, but we only promote things we believe it or use personally or as a business
  • As hosts and podcast voices, we don’t like the sound of our own voices many times – we hope they aren’t as annoying to you as they are to us
  • Sometimes we crack dad jokes – some of us have gray beards, and many of the people we talk to are not nationally syndicated gun-industry figureheads, they are just regular hard working people 
  • Sometimes it’s a single voice on the podcast – so you may not even like that person’s opinions or style
  • We try not to pull any punches, and we try not to be shills, so expect reality for the most part
  • We talk WAAAAAAAAAY more about gun industry marketing, SEO, SEM, Digital Advertising, content, and other marketing specific concepts than any other gun-related podcast on Spotify or off, so you may not be into that type of stuff
  • Sometimes we reiterate content in the same podcast – like say things two different ways to prove a point – we think that’s an effective way of teaching and conversing
  • And conversing is what we hope to sound like what we are doing – imagine you were sitting on a leather sofa with your friends talking about guns and you had a genuine question about something – like how do you clean an AR-15 properly? And then you just listened to your gunsmith friend tell you how for 45 minutes – that’s kind of what we do

SO… we spelled out 4 reasons why we believe that we are the right gun podcast on Spotify to listen to, and then detailed about 10+ reasons why you might hate us. And we claim to be marketing experts. We ARE marketing experts in the gun industry, but we value transparency and choice over most everything else, so we are trying to help you decide with a fair and balanced approach whatever that means.

So, yeah – if you are looking for a new gun podcast on Spotify, give us a listen. Then tell us if we suck. We won’t cry, we are too stupid to stop doing things that hurt us.

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