Gun Podcast Episode 1: Maintaining your AR-15: Preparing and Repairing the Modern Sporting Rifle

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Gun Podcast Episode 1 – About maintaining, repairing, and preparing with an AR-15. What you need to know.

Gun Podcast Episode 1, is a comprehensive primer on how to prepare for life with an AR-15, repair modular components and to maintain the AR-15 sporting rifle properly. Audio is produced in a long-format by an industry expert with many years of experience as a content writer, expert business consultant and gun industry expert that has more than 20 years experience as a gunsmith. This is an in-depth primer for what you want to have on hand to ensure you can always be ready to use your AR-15, and it features insights from a gun expert, in a raw, single-take, unfiltered format. 

You can listen to this Gun Podcast Episode 1, on your preferred podcasting outlet, or stream from our website to hear all about maintaining the AR for anything, while knowing which parts you need to have on hand, and what you need to be on the lookout for, when running a sporting rifle based on the AR-style.