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The below content is part of the category: “The Business of Guns”.  This is featured content from our podcast about guns called “GUN PODCAST” produced by RoH Podcasts

Within this category you can find blog content and podcast episodes that will talk about the more intricate details of the firearms industry from a business-specific perspective. This is a unique take on the gun industry that few other podcasts are covering at the level we are, and will be. This is a defining feature of our podcast – aside from what we believe is already a more in-depth and comprehensive general gun industry coverage in our other featured categories. Our specific expertise as a consultant to more than 1000 industry related companies, entrepreneurs, and websites, and specifically our expertise from a marketing, sales, conversion, content and business related perspective, is uncommon. 

We believe that those who are aspiring entrepreneurs and businesses in the firearms industry can derive great value from our insights and help build their brands, understand nuanced implementation in digital marketing, and firearms specific branding, sales, marketing and related concepts from this podcast material. We aim to be the pre-eminent leader in the podcast space for the firearms industry, related to the actual business of guns. 

Gun Podcast Spotify

Gun PodcastGun Podcast on SpotifyWhat is a gun podcast on Spotify that you need to listen to?   We’re going bold here: We’re going out on a limb here. But we feel pretty confident that the answer is Us. It’s Us. We’re the gun podcast on Spotify that you need to...

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