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The below content is part of the category: “Political & 2A”.  This is featured content from our podcast about guns called “GUN PODCAST” produced by RoH Podcasts

Within this category you can find blog content and podcast episodes that will focus on political conversations, political actions, Second Amendment related news, 2A activism, Gun Control, Gun Rights and other affiliated content that is specifically surrounding politics and Second Amendment content.

While this podcast is produced by RoH, the host’s views are not necessarily the same views of the company. The Guest’s views are not representative of the company’s public stance. No content that is published by an author or host, or guest of the Gun Podcast is necessarily representative of the Company’s viewpoint. 

This podcast will strive to remain as fair and unbiased as possible when it comes to covering content from all angles. Because of the difficulty it completely removing all agendas from political conversation, you may occasionally see very specific opinions expressed. We invite your feedback, but ask that you note: this political discussion does not drive public facing policy for the company necessarily –  Regardless of which side of the political spectrum the content may land. 

We specifically always value Free Speech and a Constitutionally Protected Right to Bear Arms. Period. Regardless of how controversial such topics may be.

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