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The below content is part of the category: “Other Gun Related Content”.  This is featured content from our podcast about guns called “GUN PODCAST” produced by RoH Podcasts

Within this category you can find blog content and podcast episodes that will talk about content and other gun related topics that do not fit into our main categories, or which is an extremely esoteric topical consideration on an episode by episode basis, or which requires an additional log post to cover for this website. This might be content that is only tangentially related to the firearms industry, the topic of guns and firearms, or may not directly be best suited within a category that we normally attach to other content items. You will have to determine suitability for your listening preferences by topic title and basic information about the podcast. We recognize that not all topics we cover will be directly related to firearms in an absolute way. This is the category we will cover such topics, podcast episodes and content within.