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Currently there is only a single host of the gun podcast. A former (still capable, but not practicing) gunsmith, and now Digital Marketing Agency owner and Marketing professional, the host offers a unique insight into more than 30 years in the firearms industry in a notoriously anti-Second-Amendment state: California.

More than just a host talking about guns – this Gun Podcast Expert is an industry consultant with a large client base in Firearms


His unique business perspective and significant contributions in writing, consulting, education, marketing and development in the market sector of firearms, has led him to understand how the digital marketing world works and how guns and affiliated offerings have carved out a space within it.

While there will be others on the show, the base brain trust is generally from the host, and his fellow management team at, a digital agency that has a large volume of firearms industry partners and clients. As one of the management team members of this agency, the host is privy to a lot of actionable intelligence about the ways consumers react to e-commerce and marketplace-tied gun industry platforms.

Furthermore, rather than just being a youtuber who likes guns, the actual experience of thirty years in the industry SHOULD help veterans within the space feel more confident about his take on the industry, and the products, services, and with the insights he can provide.

Instead of just being a voracious reader who can write, this host has high level experience assisting thousands of companies selling and marketing products on the internet and beyond. This is not just a fan of guns – this is a bona-fide expert in how to do guns online and off.


A Gun Expert that often answers questions that internet gun experts have


We aren’t asking you to agree with his take on everything, but we believe that experience matters. And shooting guns or writing about guns only gets you so far. This is a gunsmith, a strategic consultant, a company owner who has built businesses that interface with government and law enforcement and military organizations, and has held some relatively important positions in SERP’s and from an SEO perspective about guns. Many companies in the space hire this expert to take their already popular products or websites to the next level. Many hire the company he works for, to get their products or websites on the map.

Let us know how he can improve on this firearms industry podcast – this is content created by experts for people who want to get better at doing things with guns. So you get to help us craft that journey – if you want to.

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